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Sketchbook San Francisco 2013

I have lived most of my life in Los Angeles, and had never spent time in San Francisco until this past winter. I was really surprised at the historical impression I got from S.F. It had that old America, industrial, quality (whatever that means) that I had only experienced on the east coast, like in New England or discovered in books. Los Angeles lives and dies by the new.  Lack of efficient public transport (although its getting better) and segregation makes it difficult to experience little nuances of the city. But the landscape of San Francisco really was inspiring. All the Diebenkorn’s I had damned as a student made sense after walking the hills Of S.F. landscape. Wayne Thiebaud  paintings become more vivid.  These are some  selected sketches from this brief trip(4 days).


Hill, ink sketch S.F. 2013


Trolly and Bus ride Sketches.


In front of Hotel TOMO Japan Town 2013



The San Francisco Landscape was the biggest inspiration during this visit but I did get a chance to work in some drawings of the family doing stuff.


Emilio on Mason St. in San Francisco 2013

Images of my son in the city as a backdrop are a motif that I seem to have developed in my current work.


I have all was been inspired by coffee shop culture  one of my favorite things to do is frequent a place with good coffee good tables and not so many people talking on cell phones. Basically the opposite of Starbucks.

Drawing hand

@ Gallery Coffee Shop on Mason St.

Mural Emo Ninja

Emo bundled-up

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  1. As I was looking through this. I loved it!! Beautiful family, experience and talent seen through all of this. Incredible work Sergio.

    Comment by cindy davis — March 25, 2013 @ 5:15 am

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