Work and Progress

3. Sketchbook:2004-05, Long Island

In the Summer of 2004 We moved out of the city to a nice part of Long Island, Oakdale!. A College friend of ours, generously took us in for a year to save money and concentrate on Emilio. During this time I still worked in the city so I took the Long Island Railroad 3 hrs a day 5 times a week for a year. This sketch book is a result of drawing on the train.

I sketched quick when people were awake.

Construction Dude Asleep 04

Old Man Asleep, Transfer at Jamaica Station

Bald Spot, transfer at Jamaica station

Wall Street Shoe

One time a passenger noticed me drawing them and got up and changed seats. This made me feel bad so I started to draw shoes.

A Mothers Shoe

A Mothers Shoe

The Davinci Code, on the way home.

This was during the time that the Divinci Code book came out and everyone was reading it (I’ve never read it).  I would see at least 3-4 people  at a time reading the book while I took the train.

Emilio in Car Seat

Mom and Dad in the 70's

I often work from photographs and I try to and stay conscious of the their (the photo) purpose when I’m making art.

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