Work and Progress

9. Sketchbook: 2008 Was A Good Year.

I  invest a lot of myself in my sketchbooks and typically they reflect what i am doing or going through when they are made. I have lost two sketchbooks in my life time. I left one on the train on the way to Penn Station 2004 ( inspired by war in Iraq.)  and  another was lost at the Natural History Museum in L.A 2008 (I also lost a pencil pouch with tools I had for about 10 yrs, that day). Unfortunately I don’t have a complete record of 2008. This sketchbook was made end of 2008 and beginning of 2009.

Reminds me of Brooklyn

These drawings are done with a Micron felt tip pen and a dipping nib. No testing no erasing.

Fan and Portrait


I do a lot of  “Luchador” drawings, because its in my blood.


Still Life with Robots and Skull

Si Se’ Puede.

Dolores Huerta said it before the President translated it.

Spatz and the Gang

A great source of reference is pausing my Netflix.  Thanks Netflix.

Two Sal’s at USC vs UCLA game.


Hair and pastry study



Museum visit at the Norton Simon

Cream? Yes.

The House by Coffee Street

Study of H in Studio

Portrait of H with sepia ink.

drawing of Peggy at Art Center

Kirk Douglas Study

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