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October 9, 2011

Rolling City A Graphic Short in Blockprints Vol 6.5

Text and original block-print Images © by Sergio Teran

Rolling City Vol.1

Rolling City Vol. 2

Rolling City vol.3

Rolling City Vol. 4

Rolling City Vol.5

Rolling City Vol.6

Rolling City Vol 6.5

Rolling City Vol.7

August 4, 2010


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The other day, I made a video out of a sculpture project inspired by my son and his interest in super-hero activity. I indulged by adding cut and paste animation and fictional super-hero action shots. Then, came time to add a soundtrack. What goes with a video about a kid feeling like a super hero, better than good old fast paced Punk music? so I added one my favorite tracks by the Ramones (to our “colab”). All that was left to do was upload onto Youtube and stream it onto his blog (yup my son has a blog). But we ran into a glich in our project.

Youtube muted the entire sound in the video due to  unauthorized use of copyrighted material. At this moment I had to come to a realization. The old Youtube is dead folks! The New Youtube is now censoring the use of popular tunes that you may use to accompany your low budget projects , by muting the non-licensed soundtracks.

We can no longer pretend to be  mini movie makers, utilizing the perks of technology. Or, for that matter, indulge in the crafty creative movie, music, and animation making skills of our internet generation across the globe.  Before the corporate take over of Youtube it seemed everyone was exchanging and sharing popular interest with out a hassle. Its what made the site so innovative. So long, movie remix of the godfather with soundtrack by Fantomas, uploaded by “fmn971”, So long “Aquaticbigfoot”, uploader of rare Tom Waits interview on Mike Douglas Show, and good bye kid organizing his own high school productions of music video remakes.

We will rise again in another form.

“The Hand Cannon Project” by Serg And  Emo Teran, muted by You tube.

To get its full effect please play along with its intended soundtrack.

I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement, by the Ramones  (bellow my video).

First press play on above video then Insert music  at 00:27 sec (bottom video).

First press play on above video then Insert music at 00:27 sec (bottom video).

March 30, 2010


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Emilio in Ruins

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Wes Anderson Spoof. (Rushmore, Darjeeling limited)
My son had a Wes Anderson, character moment in Thailand when a group of school children who spoke no English wouldn’t respond to him.

December 15, 2009

The Making of a Painted Shrine

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