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November 24, 2011

My Eye!

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Graphic artists all over the country spoke out the other day by putting the image of Lieutenant Pike  (the officer involved in pepper spraying UC Davis students) in random contexts, like spraying the eyes of famous characters from Old Master paintings.

I thought it would be funny to add to the viral meme (meem) seen all over the Internet and posted on Facebook and Twitter. The game was easy; take the image of pike spraying peaceful protesters but change the context of the situation for the purposes of satire. Then, post for all to see.  Make a joke while stating a point. Right up my alley.

My first interpretation was a”no brainer” I put Pike in the most obvious unspeakable act, cruelty to cute animals. Who would do such a thing? Officer Pike could. “This is too easy and fun,” I thought to myself. Next I moved toward pop culture. A satirical nod to Twilight and Star Wars. But the Piéce de résistance was Piking hating on Thanksgiving, via beloved cultural icon Normal Rockwell.  My wife egged me on, and we laughed to ourselves.

After hours of poking fun at the pepper spray wielding cop, I realized I had to get ready to go to work. As I began to pack my materials cart I proceeded to secure my load with a bungee cord, when one slipped and hit me square in the eye.

I hit myself hard enough to have a moment of panic and seek medical attention. Doctor placed a patch over my eye and prescribed some drops and a dose of humility. After the whole incident I couldn’t help to think”Yup there it is, Karma is a Bitch” and During all of my indulgent and mocking humour, I never saw it coming.

No! not the puppies!

"This is for team Jacob!"

Pike hate's Thanksgiving too.

"Not my twilight Zone Marathon's, PIKE! You bastard!"

Karma's a Bitch!

November 12, 2011

My Son Is a Robot: A portfolio of his drawings and Interview.

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We don’t ever force our son to work inside of  boundaries when it comes to the arts nor have we ever given him any lessons ….we just familiarze him with material.

Bit kid

Papa: Who is bit Boy

Emilio:he runs in a rainbow and fights evil aliens.


Papa: Whats happening here?

Emilio:  self destruct BOOOOM!


Papa: Is this suppose to be your father?

Emilio: its you in a robot costume.

Papa: Why does he have a cannon?

Emilio: thats because i am in battle armor.

Papa: What is it and whats it drawn on?

Emilio: its a giant tank and its drawn cardboard.  cause i found the carboard.

Papa: Is this a comic?

Emilio: YES!

Does this robot have a name?

Emilio: x49 and his name is named after a code.

Papa: What kind of Robot is this?

Emilio: a giant battle robot.

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