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6. Sketchbook: 2009, Bangkok Thailand, Tokyo in Three Days

Waiting to board, Graphite, Dec 2009

We spent two weeks in Thailand at the end of December. We were all excited and ready to explore Asia. I enjoy traveling mostly because it gives me the freedom to draw for several hours a day.

Airplane wing

Downtown Thailand, Ink wash 2009

This was the view from the hotel room the first week in Thailand. The people in Thailand were so amazingly hospitable.

The tuk tuk, water color 2009

The “Tuktuk “is a Tricycle Taxi you see in the movies shot in Thailand or India. The drivers are very aggressive in getting foreigners to take a ride and drive really crazy. My son hounded me for  a ride on one but was able to break a deal with him and got him a toy version instead.

Ticket from Grand Palace, Thailand 2009

Emo Drawing, Ink nib, 2009

Emilio has developed the habit of working in sketchbooks.

Lunch w/ locals, Bangkok, Ink pen 2009

Lunch for 4 costs about 200 bat, which ends up being like $6 American.

Thai and Emo Drawing, ink pen 2009

I love spending time in cafe’s when we travel. We revisited this spot several times they made a good cappuccino for about 35 bat ($1).

Quick sketch,Hat videoing,  ink pen 2009

Hataya took lots of sound and video footage of Bangkok.

Ayutthaya ,Thailand, Ink wash 2009

We had the good fortune of traveling outside of Bangkok to different provinces.  Ayutthaya was the Hataya’s Fathers birthplace.

Kun Nurong, Hatayas dad, Thailand, Nib and ink 2009

Chinese outdoor restaurant in Thailand, graphite 2009

When I’m sketching outdoors on site I draw quickly because people usually don’t like to be drawn or you just don’t stay in one spot to long. So I draw and make the rest up later.

Roof tops, ink wash 2009

Another approach I have been taking with my sketch work is drawing from video footage.

Building Ink Study, 2009


The market place, Tokyo 2009, W/C

Betty’s Cats, Tokyo, Pen and ink 2009

In Tokyo we stayed with a family friend. Betty (family friend) has two beautiful family cats who were very wary of me in the morning while I drank coffee. One perched herself atop a shelf in the kitchen and just stared. I took advantage.

Yumi and the cats, pen and ink Tokyo 2009

Ping Pong Fish, Ink pens, Tokyo 2009

She also had fish.

Yumi, Tokyo, nib 2009

Quick sketch in restaraunt, ink pen, Tokyo 2009

Starbucks Tokyo, ink pen 2009

I don’t even go to Starbucks in the States but somehow I ended up in one on another continent.

Cityscape, View from the train station, W/C  Tokyo 2009


  1. Awesome drawings! Did you draw them onsite or post trip?

    Comment by Nathalie — May 10, 2010 @ 2:57 pm

    • Nathalie

      Majority are on site drawn quickly the color pieces are done in the hotel or post vacation. airplane shots are all on site.


      Comment by sergioartblog — May 10, 2010 @ 6:02 pm

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