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July 4, 2017

Poster Concepts from Chicano Steel

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Chicano Steel was a controversial yet successful fundraiser that was put on in October of 2016 in Highland Park, by a group of public practice and studio artists from the Los Angeles area on behalf of the Avenue 50 Studio. The event was influenced by “Monster Drawing Rally” started by the S.F. based, Southern Exposure.

The name Chicano Steel was decided based on the idea that there is strength in the community that comes through Avenue 50 Studio and we wanted our own people, locals to be apart of the monster-drawing event.

The name became controversial as some artist and patrons felt as though it may bring negative connotation to the community. Frankly, I found that to be the fuckin point. When does popular thought not make the Latino community controversial? Despite the brief debate we pushed forward with the name.

From there, I began to rough out some sketches and paintings to find the right image for the event. The following are some of the rejected, concepts for Chicano Steel, as well as the final image.

The fundraiser met it’s financial goal for the event as well as got coverage from some notable media sites.The image was posted and shared that season by media platforms such as KCRW’s 5 things to do, such as”, Artillery Magazine and the L.A. Weekly, to name a few.



Final Image used to promote show. We wanted an image that folks would stop to look at and connect with the event.


Chicano Steel reduction-block idea using Loteria card icons. Lino reduction on paper 2016. The reduction block didn’t really work but I had to start somewhere.



Frida at Ave 50 Studio, Acrylic on Panel, 2016.  This idea started out as the Mona Lisa holding, purchased-art from Avenue 50 studio.. but that resulted in a debate about colonization and gentrification, so I turned her into Frida Kahlo. but still….it got scrapped.


Chicano Steel Event Video by Genessis Martinez




Some of the crew 2016.




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