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July 29, 2013

Masked Portriats, Prints and works on paper Folio Summer 2013

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I began printmaking at NYU during grad school but took it on as a serious activity in the basement of New York Central Art Supply (where I worked as a sales clerk for a little over 3 yrs in the early 2000’s).  For the last several years I have been devoting my summers to printmaking and making work on paper.  I try to take a class at a studio so I can do the more complicated techniques.   Here are some pieces from summer 2013.


Doppelganger, collage and painting 2013

I started the summer with this little collage and painting done on a cigar box-top. I had some specialty papers i wanted to try out, and it resulted in this little composition.


One arm Wrestler, printmaking 2013

This is a 20″x 30″ multiple technique print utilizing woodcut (figure) and silkscreen (background).

On the pressjpgHere is the woodcut layer on the press. Made  at the ArtCenter College of Design.


La LLave, Linoleum print 2013

Here is Linoleum print in red, this is from a series of tarot card images I’m working with. This would be the Key Card in the book of tarot a la wrestling.


Two Sisters, Linoleum reduction

I have a great archive of family photos I have been re-organizing as well as referencing for artwork. Many are images of relatives during the 1950’s through the 80’s.  My mother, in her 70’s now,  has never been good at remembering, let alone, explaining the family lineage, so I usually look to our photo archive. It has helped me to understand who we are.  This piece is from a recent series of masked portraits taken from vintage family photos.

Here is another reduction blockprint made with 3 color layers, red, yellow and violet-brown. The edition of prints was run through the press once for every layer of color seen on the print.


“Dos Hermanos” Etching and aquatint on paper. Inspired by a 1970’s image of my two cousins.

The process of making prints at times, requires special facilities that can house and safely manage the use and recycling of acids, solvents, or emulsions. Even more important with printmaking, is having access to a press. This print requires all of that, just to make one delicate little piece. The result: velvety, black, ink on paper, is always worth the trouble.

Block Ladies2

Wrestler peel back

woodcut test print. summer 2013

Some printmaking processes can be very immediate. Here is a woodcut made and printed in my kitchen/studio at home.

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