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July 26, 2013

Rolling City Graphic Short in Block Prints/ cutting room floor

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Yellow Church2Here is the complete essay that inspired Rolling City Vol.9

The Yellow Church

My association to churches is a positive one, mostly because I didn’t actually attend as a child. My family was not the church-going type like regular folks. My mother taught us about God and how to pray at home.  All my friends who were forced to attend church and catechism on Sundays and Thursdays envied my Catholic home school set-up. Personally, I didn’t understand why. Not going to church made me feel a bit different and lonely when the neighborhood was at mass. But though I didn’t attend, I did frequent a church.

Down the block from where I lived there was a yellow church connected to our residential neighborhood. In the 80’s the building changed ownership and had gone through some renovations, so it was rarely occupied. I’m not sure if it had been a Christian church, but the structure showed that it might have been in the past. The architectural details of the church were round and smooth, arched windows with stained glass and white trim. The front of the church was south facing with a large grassy area, to the west (side of the church). The lawn was always trimmed and green. It was a great place to relax or catch a summer snooze behind the church marquee. There was even an available water faucet when thirsty.  But the best feature this castle of God, had to offer were the steps and paved walkways. The front of the church had cascading steps with a U shaped walkway, which led to the entrance of building. One could skate from the doorway all the way down to the sidewalk in a single, smooth push. The challenge, or the fun, was doing this while having to Ollie two sets of stairs, before hitting sidewalk. Two or three strong pushes and you could catch enough speed to end up in the street.

These were times before skate parks. The yellow church was available, skate-able, and safe. Almost as if God said, “Yes, its o.k. to skate here.”  And I did.

On those quiet days when families were sitting at pews and participating in mass, church was truly a sanctuary for me.

Text and original block-print Images © by Sergio Teran

Me in 85 Stale boneless2

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