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June 16, 2013

Rolling City Graphic Short in Block Prints Vol.9 : Blood Money

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Rolling City Spray Paint3

Church Rolling City

 My association to churches is a positive one, mostly cause I didn’t actually attend as a child. My family was not the church going type like regular folks. My mother taught us about God and how to pray at home.  All my friends who were forced to attend church and catechism on Sundays and Thursdays envied my Catholic “home school” set-up. Personally I didn’t understand why. Not going to church made me feel a bit different and lonely when the neighborhood was at mass.

Cuffed Ready

Cop car at church


Cop bubble Manga no words

“Man said you almost killed him with a rock and you also managed to break his window.”

YOUR PAYING no glass
When they found me, Augustine’s dad was real mad.

TheKickno words
But nothing compared to the fury I had inside.

He knew 2

                     At school a rumor started that I was crazy because  I had followed Augustine home and attacked his Dad with a rock. I had my moments of madness but crazy I was not.

Blood Money 2
                  In the end, the money I had earned and saved for a new board went toward paying for the window I broke.

Night landscape

                It was truly lonely when the neighborhood was at mass.                                           Rose Bush publish

Rolling City Static

Text and original block-print Images © by Sergio Teran

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Yellow Church

How its Made: Rolling Process

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