Work and Progress

Sketchbook: NYC 2000

12 yrs ago I was a grad student @  NYU in the Studio Program. Lots of people told me “Don’t go to NYC it will change your work”.  And they were right it did!, for better or worse. These are selected pages from my first sketchbooks during my time in New York.  This was an interesting time cause  It was a program that didn’t necessarily embrace object making of the traditional kind, but I still manage to find support from almost all my peers (faculty and students). Which made for a great experience.

Portraits and etchings.

My work has two approaches personal and irreverent. see: paintings w/tape

Pen and whiteout on butcher paper. see painting: the performance

Sketches that became paintings during that time Trains Painting.

I discovered the printing studio during this time and started to do etchings these are artist proofs.

Junkie at Coffee House.

These are a series of etchings and painted toilets very influenced by Antonio Lopez Garcia…(who’s not influenced by that guy?) see paintings of: The Urinal stall, Toilet A

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