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Sketchbook: Jury Duty!


Kicked off the 2011 Summer by fulfilling my civic duty at Jury service for $8 per hour. To add insult to injury, found out they don’t pay you for first days service. None the less! I sort of look forward to circumstances like jury service because waiting rooms are the perfect place to draw and think.

Drawing is an engrained habit for me, not to mention I utilize it as a therapy in situations that make me nervous.

Orientation Jury Duty Summer 2011

Jury Duty, Orientation.

It was my first time ever serving and the bastards assigned me to a high profile case, 11th floor…….But I managed to get my self removed from that jury selection and was sent back to be rescheduled.

View of High School from waiting room

The arts high school down town Los Angeles.

My name was a number I don’t recall.

Young folks in court house cafeteria

We broke for lunch at 12:30pm.

Cafe Duct

I recall going to the Grand Central Market with my father as a child. I had not been back since… seeing it brought back smells and fond memories.. I went back the following day, of Jury Duty, to eat and draw.

Post Jury Duty paintings done from sketches and photos.

Lunch Time Wednesday, Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, 2011

It had changed a bit.

Tomatoes, Grand Central Market L.A.

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