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Sergio Teran 2010

My name is Sergio Teran and I am a LA artist and a native to California. This blog is dedicated to my art experiences by way of the art making process, museum visits, gallery exhibitions, travel and the influence of movies. On this site you can also find a visual archive of my recorded sketchbook/journal work.

The categories that can be found are:

THE STUDIO EXPERIENCE: Anecdotes about my art making experience in and out of the studio.

EVENTS AND VISITS: My opinion on shows and visits to galleries and museums.

ARTIST ROUND-TABLES: Discussions on issues dealing with the visual arts.

MOVIES: Movie talk and my video archive.

ARTIST WHO MAY HAUNT MY HOME: My own list of  influential art makers and colleagues from various disciplines complete with links to their websites.

I am also Rolling City

Rolling City: a Graphic Short in Block-Prints:

In the summer of 2010 I began an online Graphic Novel that fuses traditional block printing and online blogging and interface. “Rolling City” is an account of my life as a child of the 80’s and the influence of skateboarding and popular culture.  The content of the projects harkens back to when I as an adolescent so I chose to do it comic style. Marrying technology with a traditional discipline allows me to keep my love for traditional methods while addressing an online audience, and for me a more appropriate one; in a time when the economy is struggling and there is more art-makers then gallery space

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